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Here’s What You’ll Learn:


How to Build a Profitable Virtual Assistant Business While Escaping the Hourly Billing Trap

A common belief in the virtual assistant industry is that in order to earn lots of money, you need to get a lot of clients to pay you your hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours you work. The more hours you work, the more money you’ll make! I’ll show you why this is the wrong approach and what you can do instead.


Create Simple Service Packages Without Selling Blocks of Hours, Tracking Your Time, or Undercharging

You may have heard some VAs insist that their services are too hard to package up so instead they create a time-based retainer or a block of hours and give it a name, something like “10-Hour Golden Package.” But that’s a very flawed approach and I’ll explain why.


Why Switching to Packages Isn’t as Risky as You Think! How to Attract Better Clients and Not Lose the Clients You Want to Keep

If there’s one thing I hear again and again from established virtual assistants is that switching from charging by the hour to value-based packages is risky and they don’t want to lose the clients they already have. It can be risky and unpredictable IF you don’t know how to do it right.

If You’ve Been Feeling Stuck In Your Business Lately and You Want To:

  • no longer work with clients charging by the hour and you want to make more money
  • work less and have more freedom and flexibility
  • start charging what you're worth
  • get a shortcut on package preparation so that you can simplify your business and set it up for success
  • stop penalizing yourself for being fast (let's face it, you make HALF AS MUCH as a slower VA! That suuuucks!)

Well I have good news! If you are stuck in the “charging by the hour” trap, I am going to show you a new way – a BETTER way – to run your business so that you can stop charging by the hour and tracking your time WHILE making more money and working with more ideal clients!

Hey, my name is Lisa.

I’m Lisa Wells and I’ve been teaching virtual assistants, online business managers, freelancers, service providers, and other virtual professionals just like you how to create profitable service and support packages for the last decade. If you want to get away from charging by the hour and simplify your service offerings, let me show you how in this popular and informative free video training.

Virtual Professionals are Using Profitable Packages All Around the World!

Here’s what just a few have to say about making the move to packages…


Before taking Lisa’s training program, I purchased another self-study program on value-based pricing and while the program had some great information, it lacked in practical application. I was skeptical about Lisa’s program and doubted it would be any different. Lisa took the time to personally assure me that I would receive great value from her program and she definitely delivered on that promise.  

Lisa’s dedication to her students, impeccable communication, and level of support is rare to see in the online business world. Every VA who is serious about successfully growing her business needs to take this course! Similar programs out there only teach theory but Lisa has the experience and is dedicated to helping any VA create value-based packages that grow your income and attract your ideal client.

Alicia Castellano

Before taking Lisa’s course, I was struggling with how to put my service and support packages together. I knew I wanted to create packages but I was stuck in all the details of what to include in them, how to price them so I would be compensated fairly and how to make them appealing and of value to potential clients.  

Lisa is thoroughly knowledgeable on the topic and throughout the training she ensured that all questions were answered. She offered several options for setting up our packages depending on our individual business models. Lisa shared solutions to help overcome obstacles related to how and what to charge for packages.  

With this training I am now completely organized around my support packages. I have everything laid out on my website in a comprehensible format. After an initial consultation with a prospect, it’s easy for the client and I to match their needs with a suitable package. It saves me so much time in the proposal process as we can quickly select the best fit for their needs and get to work. And as a result, I’m getting paid what I’m worth for the value and results the clients who work with me receive. It’s a win-win.  

My advice for those thinking of taking this program is to go for it. If you’re a VA struggling to create packages and you want to stop charging by the hour, get really clear on your offerings and get paid for the value you provide, then this is the program for you!

Jennifer Hazlett

I was stuck and miserable in a dollars-for-hours model and struggled with a poverty mindset despite years of expertise. After the program, I learned how to cancel the “nickel and diming” clients and how to sell new profitable packages easily and with minimal effort. Within a short time, I created three high-end profitable packages, resulting in the biggest-earning month of the year! 

Gina Decker

When I was referred to Lisa Wells’ free package webinar by a friend, I devoured it. I listened to it 3 times in one day to REALLY let it sink in. I related so strongly to everything she said that I had to hear it again and again. I have been in business a little over a year, I am a slave to Toggl and accounting for my time, I trade dollars for hours and I am constantly penalizing myself because I’m fast. I have way too many clients and charge them too little.

After the webinar, I restructured my business to target the appropriate market. And I have the tools I need to speak with my current clients about my new prices. This year is going to be amazing.

Lisa Gale

It was like Lisa reached into my brain, grabbed every thought I had on pricing and acquiring ideal clients and tied it up in a nice neat little “profitable packages.”

Meghan McBrearty

Before taking this training program I found I was all over the map in the services I offered. I quite often was requested to do things that fell outside of the agreed-upon services, and they were high-level tasks that should have been charged at a different price point. However, being the hourly worker that I was, I would just go ahead and do them at my current rate. I also could only make so much money, as there are of course only so many hours in a day. It was proving hard for me to reach my revenue goals, even with hiring subcontractors, in this regard.

With this training, I am now able to have a more steady income, no matter how the work cycle ebbs and flows (we all know how things quiet down in the summer months!). My clients and I know exactly what the monthly spend will be. And if there is more work requested that falls outside of the agreed upon service offerings, I have package rates I can quote immediately. I am being paid not only for the work I do, but for the years of experience and skill set I bring to the table, and the clients see the value of that. Because of this, I am also able to attract higher-end clients, which is what I’ve been focused on all along.  

Stephanie Lee

I was not clear on the basic fundamentals I would need to package services. During the webinar, Lisa shared how to get started and shared her personal insight on the day-to-day operations of running a VA business. I particularly appreciated her straightforward tips on interacting with clients, setting prices, and developing packages.

Tiffany M. Patterson

Lisa’s training program came at a critical time for me. A few months prior, I had a 30% loss of income in my business when I lost 1 of my 3 largest clients. Needless to say, I was feeling a bit panicky to replace it. I had been resisting the idea of moving away from retainers because I thought that there was too much risk involved with packages. I had put a prayer out to God to show me what I needed to do to create security around my income and as the old adage goes ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’. Within days, I received a newsletter from a fellow professional who was promoting Lisa’s training. I read Lisa’s sales page and the first 6 questions grabbed me and I said HELL YEAH! So I signed up and opened my mind up to new possibilities of offering VA packages.

Lisa took great care to walk us through the mind shift change and to help us fully embrace our worth and value. Mix in with that her well-thought out agenda for this training that was easy to follow and easy to keep up with and her incredible ability to laser coach on the issues we threw at her and provide savvy practical advice – this training was so filled with value that far surpassed the cost of the training. By the end of this training, I had my packages developed and the following week, I presented my new packages to my two high-end clients and they went for it – no qualms about it!

Within 5 weeks, I increased my income by 24% and I didn’t even have to add back an additional client! If you are considering moving away from retainers or hourly rates and you are sick of being limited by the ‘dollars for hours’ trap, then you must take Lisa’s training. It is well worth the investment.

Karen Croll

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