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Create Profitable Service and Support Packages & EARN MORE MONEY 

Even If You Don't Know Where to Start — Guaranteed!


Did you know that if you charge by the hour, you are getting paid HALF AS MUCH as someone who works slower? Ouch.

  I get it, when starting out, charging by the hour is the easiest thing to do. When I started my virtual assistant business in 2005, I checked out other VA sites, saw what they were charging, and followed suit. 

I created a fancy price sheet that listed all of my services. In the left column, I grouped my services and listed a bunch of sample tasks - things like typing, spreadsheets, scanning... (lol, yes I listed scanning as a task). I even listed things I didn't like doing, like data entry and answering phone calls. In the right column, I listed my prices. I had different prices for the different types of tasks - one price for general administrative work, another price for research, and yet another price for website technical help.

It was a hot mess!  

Not only would it take ME extra time to consult my pricing matrix in order to give a quote to a prospect and create my invoices, but each month, without fail, one or two clients would question the invoice. I'd spend more (unbillable) time explaining what I did, why I charged what I did, and how long it took me to do it. I can't begin to tell you how much time I wasted!

And then there was my big lightbulb moment...  

"Wow! You're so fast! Is that all I owe you? It used to take my other VA twice as long." 

Great. Now I was getting paid less than his old slower VA. :(  

And then there was this other "retainer" client who would send me the same email around mid-month that started off like this:

CLIENT: How much time do we have left this month? 

ME: You've used 7 hours.

CLIENT: I need to get some emails queued up for next week - see attached. How long will it take you to do this?

(15 unbillable minutes later...) 

ME: It will take about two hours because I'll need to do a little editing prior to the formatting.

CLIENT: Well, I have another project that I also need help with before the end of the month, so I think I'll do the emails and I'll send over the other project tomorrow for you to take a look at.


Can I tell you a little secret? CLIENTS DO NOT LIKE DOING THIS... computing the ROI each and every time they send you something! And I didn't like spending unbillable time giving "how much time left" updates throughout the month.  

Does this sound like your life? 

Whether you are charging by the hour, using pre-paid hours, retainers, etc., I want to show you a completely new way of working with your clients that doesn't involve tracking time, clients aren't having to compute their return on investment, AND you won't be penalized for being fast


Once you move to packages, you will:

  • Get away from the 'dollars for hours' trap (which limits your income and creates burnout)
  • Have a unique value proposition (UVP) (which opens the door to work with more ideal clients)
  • Stop playing the "how much time left?" game with your clients (unless you enjoy that sort of thing, no judging here)
  • Throw away your time tracking sheet (or keep it to play darts, your choice)
  • Simplify your service offerings and pricing
  • Finally GET PAID FOR YOUR VALUE (can I get an amen!)

I'm Lisa Wells and I've been teaching hundreds of virtual assistants, online business managers, freelancers, and other virtual professionals just like you how to create profitable service and support packages for the last six years. If you want to get away from charging by the hour and simplify your service offerings, let me show you how in my popular Profitable Packages online training program.

A-Z blueprint for creating and implementing service and support packages that set you apart from your competitors, attracts your ideal client, and best of all, enables you to start charging based on your value and not by the hour.




In Module 1, it’s all about the package planning phase and really uncovering the value you bring and how to communicate that value to the clients who will hire you. 

I’ll dive more into how to find your value - many VAs really get stuck about what it is exactly they bring to the table that clients are willing to pay big money for and I walk you through this.  

  • Why using packages is a better business model for you and your clients, moving to the value-based business model, and how to bring value to your clients.
  • What Packages are, what they are NOT, different types of packages, and service vs support packages (yes, there is a difference!).


Module 2 is all about creating your packages. This is where we are going to get heavily into all things packages: service packages, support packages, custom packages, ala carte, add-ons, and when to use and how to use bonuses (yes, they are all separate!). 

I’ll show you how you can structure your packages for maximum revenue by building in 'levels' for more profit and value.

In this module, I show you multiple ways to create your packages. No matter if you have ONE specific service or you are a Jane-of-all-trades.

  • Starting with structuring your core service and/or support packages.
  • I also show you custom packages and when and how to use them and follow up with add-ons, ala cartes, and bonuses.
  • Examples of support, service, and custom packages
  • Marketing tips that will increase your perceived value, provide some do’s and don’ts as well as how language can enhance the value of your packages.  


Module 3 goes deep into pricing your packages. I’ll show you the best way to display these packages on your site (Yes this really matters!). And even what to do when you get a 'No'. So there’s no guesswork forevermore about how to figure out your package pricing.  

Pricing presents a tough challenge for many, but I've had students double - even triple - their income!

  • Pricing Formulas. I’m going to show you how to find your base rate using 3 different pricing formulas and also touch on incentive pay and what that may look like in your business as well as how to incorporate package pricing if you are a multi VA business.
  • Profit Maximizers. A "profit maximizer" is based on the premise that there are only three ways to make more money your business: get more clients, charge more money, or increase the number of transactions per customer. I give you ideas how to implement this as well as ideas for additional income streams / revenue channels.
  • You may think that this isn’t something that you can do in your VA business, but that’s not true. In this lesson, I’m going to show you 3 ways how to add in profit maximizers to increase your revenue and add more value.


In Module 4 (my favorite!), I go over how to transition your clients into packages, some strategies and examples that you can use so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

I also teach you, and this is my favorite part, a soft-sell script that makes the new client on-boarding process a breeze. We’re going to create that entire sequence from the initial contact to what happens after they become a client so that you are not only wowing them with your organization and diligence, but you are instantly creating trust and credibility. I will show you how. 

This module covers client engagement, marketing, and moving clients over to packages.

  • Client Engagement. I'm going to show you my soft-sell process and script and the ‘interview with’ script that will do all the heavy lifting in your marketing.
  • Marketing Funnel and Sales Process. (aka, how to pull it all together). I show you how to structure your home page, lead generation using a free report (aka IFO or irresistible free offer), and what that sequence looks like as you drive your prospect down your marketing path.  
  • I also show you marketing tips, how the client engagement process comes together using the soft-sell script, what the "Interview with" document looks like, and how to conduct the Get Acquainted Call.
  • Moving Clients to Packages and how to handle objections and overcome challenges working in this new way.

If you are thinking, "Sounds great, but I don't even know where to start!"

Don't worry, I got you! 

This is why I include "The Art & Science of Naming Your Packages" because I don't want you to get hung up right out of the gate. This will help you come up with your package names FAST and get past the roadblocks and move you closer to delivering your packages.

I also include a "Sample Packages Collection" for those wondering, "What do I put into packages?" Includes sample packages for social media, WordPress custom design, tech marketing, bookkeeping, newsletter design, online marketing, ala carte packages, video VA, speaker support, and more. Use these for inspiration and to get your creative juices flowing.

And let's be real, what I hear a lot in this industry is that your friends and family "just don't get it." It's not like you can turn to your sister-in-law to review your service packages or ask your best friend to help you with your base rate. I've tried that! This is why I provide eCoaching for private 1:1 support.

Before taking this training program I found I was all over the map in the services I offered. I quite often was requested to do things that fell outside of the agreed-upon services, and they were high-level tasks that should have been charged at a different price point. However, being the hourly worker that I was, I would just go ahead and do them at my current rate. I also could only make so much money, as there are of course only so many hours in a day. It was proving hard for me to reach my revenue goals, even with hiring subcontractors, in this regard.  

With this training, I am now able to have a more steady income, no matter how the work cycle ebbs and flows (we all know how things quiet down in the summer months!). My clients and I know exactly what the monthly spend will be. And if there is more work requested that falls outside of the agreed upon service offerings, I have package rates I can quote immediately. I am being paid not only for the work I do, but for the years of experience and skill set I bring to the table, and the clients see the value of that. Because of this, I am also able to attract higher-end clients, which is what I've been focused on all along.  

As a result of implementing the lessons I've learned in the course - especially by creating various packages and price points, I have on-boarded 1 new client and upgraded another to a higher package. Just by doing this, in the few weeks since the course has ended, I've added $1500.00/month to the bottom line. And I haven't even officially launched yet!  

My advice for those thinking of taking this course is to DO IT! Lisa has a knack for teaching you exactly how to change your mindset, which is sometimes the biggest hurdle, and the steps needed to put the course curriculum into action to really see a shift in your bottom line. The additional revenue I've made in the 3 weeks since finishing the course has more than paid for the course already and I haven't even made a dent in the marketplace yet! Run, don't walk, and sign up for this course if you want to see an increase in revenue and be paid for your value, just not your time.

~ Stephanie Lee, Multi-VA Team Owner 

And to make you feel supported every step of the way, you'll get LIFETIME ACCESS to Profitable Packages.

Plus these BONUSES


Soft-Sell Script & Marketing System

This will make new client onboarding a breeze!

If you’ve ever been on a client consultation call and have no idea what to say or you find yourself attracting less than ideal clients, this system is for you! 

I walk you step-by-step how to take your client through the engagement process:

  • How to set up your website so you’ll attract more ideal clients 
  • How to set up the initial consultation 
  • Consultation matrix sheet 
  • Sample questions to ask 
  • Email swipe copy 
  • A full DONE-FOR-YOU marketing system!  

(Value $297) Included with Profitable Packages!


Raising Your Hourly Rates: Step-by-Step in Asking for the Raise

There may be clients who won't fit into your packages, and for those, you definitely should increase your hourly rates (I explain why in the training program).

In this special bonus training called “Raising Your Hourly Rates, Step-by-Step Process in Asking for the Raise,” I include a sample script and literally walk you through step-by-step in how to ask for the raise!

(Value $147) Included with Profitable Packages!


Tough Talks & Awkward Conversations

If you've ever been in a situation where you need to tactfully tell a client they are overstepping boundaries or you want to refer a client out, this pack is all you need. Includes 10 done-for-you to help you manage difficult client situations with ease. 

I'm all about templates and making things easy so this little template pack is perfect for copy and paste. 

(Value $47) Included with Profitable Packages!

Before taking Lisa's training program, I purchased another self-study program on value-based pricing and while the program had some great information, it lacked in practical application. I was skeptical about Lisa's program and doubted it would be any different. Lisa took the time to personally assure me that I would receive great value from her program and she definitely delivered on that promise.  

Lisa's dedication to her students, impeccable communication, and level of support is rare to see in the online business world. Every VA who is serious about successfully growing her business needs to take this course! Similar programs out there only teach theory but Lisa has the experience and is dedicated to helping any VA create value based packages that grow your income and attract your ideal client.

~ Alicia Castellano, Time Freedom Success

Lisa's training program came at a critical time for me. A few months prior, I had a 30% loss of income in my business when I lost 1 of my 3 largest clients. Needless to say, I was feeling a bit panicky to replace it. I had been resisting the idea of moving away from retainers because I thought that there was too much risk involved with packages. I had put a prayer out to God to show me what I needed to do to create security around my income and as the old adage goes 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears'. Within days, I received a newsletter from a fellow professional who was promoting Lisa's training. I read Lisa's sales page and the first 6 questions grabbed me and I said HELL YEAH! So I signed up and opened my mind up to new possibilities of offering VA packages.  

Lisa took great care to walk us through the mind shift change and to help us fully embrace our worth and value. Mix in with that her well-thought out agenda for this training that was easy to follow and easy to keep up with and her incredible ability to laser coach on the issues we threw at her and provide savvy practical advice - this training was so filled with value that far surpassed the cost of the training. By the end of this training, I had my packages developed and the following week, I presented my new packages to my two high-end clients and they went for it - no qualms about it!  

Within 5 weeks, I increased my income by 24% and I didn't even have to add back an additional client! If you are considering moving away from retainers or hourly rates and you are sick of being limited by the 'dollars for hours' trap, then you must take Lisa's training. It is well worth the investment.

~ Karen Croll, Virtually With You Virtual Support 

So are you READY TO CREATE HIGHLY PROFITABLE PACKAGES and stop charging by the hour? 

What I'm providing in this program is critical in helping you get away from the dollars-for-hours trap and instead create your packages based on value. You'll work with better clients, get away from tracking your time, build a solid foundation that will help you scale your business, bring in more profit, and enjoy more freedom.  

The additional bonuses alone will not only set you up for success, but gives you a running start in building profitable packages.

There’s simply NO OTHER "pricing and packages" course that provides the LEVEL OF TRAINING AND SUPPORT that this program gives you!

Here's what you get in the Profitable Packages program:

The program includes 10+ training video lessons, cheat sheets, audios, templates, done-for-you swipe copy and everything you need to create profitable packages in your business.  

Information Packed Video Classes. Each module will give you training lessons on how to plan, create, and price your packages as well as move clients into packages.

Audio from the Video Classes. I've made these available in audio format so you can listen in your car, on your iPod, whenever you wish.  

Templates, Cheat Sheets, and Done-For-You Systems. Each module comes with hand-selected, step-by-step templates, cheat sheets, and other done-for-you systems that support the strategy I cover.  

Bonuses. I'm including PRICELESS bonuses such as the Art & Science of Naming Your Packages, Sample Packages Collection, Soft-Sell Script & Marketing System, and the Raising Hourly Rates training video + MORE.

Personal Support. Whether you choose the full-pay for 3-pay option, you get my personal support via eCoaching. You'll feel fully supported, empowered, and ready to rock in a very short time!  

Everything is 100% online and ready for you RIGHT NOW - no dripped content and no waiting! Take your time or FAST TRACK IT, it's up to you!

Before taking Lisa's course, I was struggling with how to put my service and support packages together. I knew I wanted to create packages but I was stuck in all the details of what to include in them, how to price them so I would be compensated fairly and how to make them appealing and of value to potential clients.  

Lisa is thoroughly knowledgeable on the topic and throughout the training she ensured that all questions were answered. She offered several options for setting up our packages depending on our individual business models. Lisa shared solutions to help overcome obstacles related to how and what to charge for packages.  

With this training I am now completely organized around my support packages. I have everything laid out on my website in a comprehensible format. After an initial consultation with a prospect, it's easy for the client and I to match their needs with a suitable package. It saves me so much time in the proposal process as we can quickly select the best fit for their needs and get to work. And as a result, I'm getting paid what I'm worth for the value and results the clients who work with me receive. It's a win-win.  

My advice for those thinking of taking this program is to go for it. If you're a VA struggling to create packages and you want to stop charging by the hour, get really clear on your offerings and get paid for the value you provide, then this is the program for you!

~ Jennifer Hazlett, Alternate Admin


If this speaks to you, if this is what you have been looking for or if you are drawn to this program, please get it so you can save yourself the years of frustration and huge financial investment you'd make if you just kept winging it!

To be really honest with you, as you might imagine, people come up to me All. The. Time. and want to pick my brain about using packages in their business. And very often, in that moment, they feel that nothing they do works and nothing will. And from where they are standing, that's probably true. When BAD packages happen to GOOD people, they get exhausted and want to give up. But the truth of the matter is, in most cases, you just don't know what you don't know!  

This program is proven, it works, and I've trained dozens and dozens of students, just like you. If you want a solid pricing system, then take action right now and do this for yourself!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

Profitable Packages comes with a 60-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Apply what you learn and you’ll soon see — there’s no limit to the success you’ll be able to create.  

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd say this is perfect for you, because if you are new to the virtual world and don't have any clients yet, you'll actually be ahead of the curve with your pricing. You won't have to experience the pain of working by the hour and getting paid less than others as you gain experience in your business. You'll have lifetime access so if you have yet to get started, don't worry, the material will be there for you as you design your business.

Don't worry, I give you plenty of examples and there's a few exercises to go through that will help with package creation. You can also take advantage of the eCoaching for my help!

No, actually this course is designed to bypass having a website. Believe it or not, there are many VAs and freelancers who work strictly through word of mouth or referral or market themselves at local events and carry around a price sheet. So, no you don't need to have a website.

You don't need any specific software, hardware, plugins, list managers -- because we are working on strategies, packaging, pricing, mindset, working with clients -- you don't need anything extra or special.

You get 24/7 access to the program so you can go as fast as you'd like or take your time, it's totally up to you. For those who already are working with some type of packages and just need help with fine-tuning, I've seen people go through and revamp over a weekend. But for those starting from scratch and taking their time, you'll be able to get your packages up within a month or two. The pace is up to you.

Obviously the goal is for you to move to packages and you do have as much time as you need to make that happen because you do get 24/7 lifetime access to this material. But there is so much great content in the program that you can apply to your clients, such as the Raising Your Rates bonus training that will help you raise your rates with your hourly clients. Even if you just used that to raise your rates by 30% will be worth the price of the program.

We talk a lot about this in the program. I know this is such a touchy area which is why I spend a lot of time clearing these roadblocks with you, right and wrong ways to do it, what mistakes to avoid, how to get clients to say yes, and what to do if they say no. So if you're scared, I got you. That's what we are doing in this program, helping you get over these fears and show you how to do it correctly so that you don't have to be afraid.

This program is mainly for virtual assistants, freelancers, online business managers, and other service providers. From the testimonials you'll see that it's many types of VAs, everyone from bookkeepers to executive admins to tech VAs. If you are currently charging by the hour and can package up your services, you are a fit!